Superbook Church


  • Each Bible story is a course with three lessons for both large and small group
  • Over the three lessons, children view the Superbook episode, Bible Background, and Signpost videos. They sing along with worship music videos and participate in creative games and activities.
  • Creates an immersive experience that is Biblically accurate, fun and media-rich.

Superbook Episode

Each course features an original episode from the international award-winning animated series, Superbook!

Bible Background

Takes kids on a journey through the archaeological evidence that exists in the world today to support the concepts in each lesson.


Reveals the foreshadowing of Jesus Christ throughout Scripture.


Features original songs plus updated arrangements to familiar favourites.

Features of the Superbook Academy Subscription

  • Teaches God’s plan for redemption from Genesis to Revelation.
  • Flexible enough to be used for Sunday School, Holiday Bible club, midweek, or individual events.
  • Search and Teach the Bible to your students by individual stories, chronologically or create a series by a topic.
  • Customise the activities to meet the length of your group time.
  • Can combine Large and Small Group activities into one unit
  • Teacher Dashboard: allows teachers to plan, prepare and present lessons from any Internet connected device.
  • Student interaction: videos are produced for class interaction with quizzes for interactive learning.
  • Multi-lingual:  Superbook Church will be available in many languages.

Scope and Sequence

Three lessons for each Bible story. Thirteen Bible stories along with a year end celebration lesson make up a total of 40 lessons for one school year. Children enjoy an in-depth study in both Large and Small Group. Through this process, children go deeper into the Bible, become empowered as they memorise Scripture, and learn to apply what they discover in their everyday lives.

In the Beginning

Bible Story: Genesis 1–3

The Test!

Bible Story: Genesis 22:1–19

Jacob and Esau

Bible Story: Genesis 25:19–34; 27; 32–33

Let My People Go!

Bible Story: Exodus 3-14

The Ten Commandments

Bible Story: Exodus 16, 19–20, 24, 31–32, 34

A Giant Adventure

Bible Story: 1 Samuel 17


Bible Story: Daniel 6

The First Christmas

Bible Story: Matthew 1:18–2:12, Luke 2:1–20

Miracles of Jesus

Bible Story: Mark 2:1–12, Luke 8:4–15, Luke 8:22–25

The Last Supper

Bible Story: Matthew 21:1–17; 26:1–30; John 12:1–19; 13:1–17

He is Risen!

Bible Story: Matthew 26:36−28:10; Mark 14:32−16:10; Luke 22:39−24:12; John 17:1−20:18

The Road to Damascus

Bible Story: Acts 9:1–19

Revelation: The Final Battle

Bible Story: Acts 1:9–11; Revelation 1; 16:16; 19:11–21; 20:7–10; 21; 22

John the Baptist

Bible Story: Matthew 3,11; Mark 1,6; Luke 1,3,7; John 1,3

Paul and the Shipwreck

Bible Story: Acts 21–28


Bible Story: Job 1–42

Noah and the Ark

Bible Story: Genesis 6–9


Bible Story: Jonah 1–4

Joseph and Pharaoh’s Dream

Bible Story: Genesis 37,39–45

The Fiery Furnace

Bible Story: Daniel 3

Rahab and the Walls of Jericho

Bible Story: Joshua 1–6


Bible Story: Judges 6–7

Peter’s Denial

Bible Story: Matthew 26:31–35,56–74

The Prodigal Son

Bible Story: Luke 15:1–7, 11–32

Elijah and the Prophets of Baal

Bible Story: 1 Kings 16–18


Bible Story: Ruth 1–4

The Birth of John the Baptist

Bible Story: Luke 1:1–80

Isaac and Rebekah

Bible Story: Genesis 23–24

Tower of Babel and The Day of Pentecost

Genesis 11:1–9; Acts 1:1–16; Acts 2:1–47


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